Minidimu 3D Printer

Minidimu FDM Desktop 3D Printer(Best Quality Diy 3D Printer High Precision FDM 3D Printer Multifunctional Printer 3D Digital Small Build Size 3D Printer Machine For Education) — Single Extruder Design, base on a molten deposition model (FDM) is a process in which small amounts of plastic are heated layer by layer and fused together to create three-dimensional structures.It has had a huge impact on prototyping, allowing designers to go from an idea to a physical object in hours.By contrast, creating a prototype using traditional methods can take weeks and is often expensive.All this leads to faster project turnaround, shorter design cycles, and significant savings.Using FDM technology has the following advantages: the solid metal body design can provide high printing accuracy, and the nozzle attached to the printer is very suitable for general printing, which can meet the requirements of fast heating and long time printing.Large working volume, can print a variety of filament types, and has a large construction size.Touch screens are very easy to use.Changing the color is as simple as heating the tip, then removing the filament and pushing in another color.Skirt/edge etc will lighten the color, so the part will be a new color.The included spatula is very good, sharp and removes prints well.

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