3D Printers

Future of advanced manufacturing and automation, for any designer, engineer, scientist,teacher, inventor or enthusiast - 3D printing offers the potential to turn good ideas into three-dimensional reality. 3D printers take data from a computer generated model and translate that into a real entity. The most popular methods are FDM, SLA and LCD. The potential applications of 3D printing range from interior modeling, architectural design and dentistry to rapid prototyping, scientific and structural research. Besides above FDM and LCD 3D printers, which are consumer desktop 3D printers, Yidimu could provide industrial 3D printer of DLP technology with overall 3D printing solutions. What is new? Our DIY FDM 3D printer for home application would support primary users or stem education institution experts improving skills on digital modeling technique and practice of modern teaching of advanced manufacturing technology. In particular, we specialise in High Quality 3D Printing Service, Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering & Inspection3D Engineering, Custom Design & Manufacture3D Software for Polygon, Clay, CAD, CAM & Tool Design3D Print Bureau which includes - FDM, LCD, DLP

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